Micro-current, LED Light, Microdermabrasion

Micro-current Lifting Facial
The lunch time face lift                                                                 
  The Micro-current lifting facial naturally boosts collagen, sculpts facial muscles, and defines cheek bones while lifting facial muscles.  Put your plastic surgeon on hold and sign up for a series of treatments.  Includes cleanse, lift, mask, tone and infusion of anti-aging nutrients.                        $100     Add a Facial       $35
Recommended in a series for optimum results
6 Treatments..... $570     12 Treatments.....$1100    15 Treatments.....$1300                                                            Series will include A Specialty Mask                               

LED Light Facial                   

    LED stimulates collagen production, heals blemishes, soothes irritated skin, brightens the complexion and promotes healthy lymphatic drainage.                         
Anti Aging:  Cleanse, Red/infrared LED Light (30 Minutes) Mask and Moisturizer                        
Rosacea :  Cleanse, Blue and Red LED Light (30 minutes) Mask and Moisturizer.                                    

Youth/Adult Acne:  Cleanse, Blue LED Light (30 minutes) Mask and Moisturizer.      $50     Add a Facial  $35   
                                      Recommended in a of series  8……$350 
                                      ADD on $40                     

Diamond Facial

  Microdermabrasion  gently & safely exfoliates without chemicals. Skin is improved by diminishing scars, fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage and much more. Safe enough for eye and lip area. Immediate results.     
Includes Cleanse,  Microdermabrasion, mask, hydrating moisturizing treatment and SPF.   $95     Add a Facial  $35                                                                                                                   * A series of Micro-Dermabrasion is recommended for improvement of acne scarring, fine lines and uneven pigmentation
                                      Recommended in a of series  6……$480


 Ultrasonic Facial

  Ultrasonic Facial with Micro current— The Ultrasonic Facial is a science-based facial, developed by physicians, It includes advanced exfoliation with our Skin Spatula, extractions, the infusion of Antioxidants and vital nutrients for the skin. Specialized products then permeate the epidermis & micro-current builds collagen & helps re-educate cells to act younger.       $95                                          

Red Carpet Facial

     For those who want it all! This ultimate anti-aging trio includes Microdermabrasion to resurface the skin and reduce wrinkles,Micro-current technology to naturally boost collagen and elastin while toneing and lifting facial muscles. LED Light to stimulate collagen and brighten the complexion. Includes deep pore cleansing, Fruit enzyme, steam, extractions, Collagen Mask and infusion of anti-aging antioxidant nutrients.      $225